Wendy Lee Rounds

Actress, Model, Producer, and Promoter

Wendy Lee Rounds is an actress, model, producer, and promoter best known for her work in indie horror flicks such as “The Carver House”. She has been dubbed by her fans as the “Queen of Scream” due to her success in this genre. Wendy has also had roles in several “horrorcore” music videos where she portraits similar characters, notably alongside the “Mistress of the Wicked” rapper Siren Von Wicked in the music video “Bad Girl” .

Wendy has also been involved in several modeling competitions; including being “hand selected” for Miss Jetset contest and Inked Magazine Cover Model search.

Outside of her entertainment career Wendy is a Pennsylvania State Certified Paralegal, Notary Public and Licensed Data Analyst.

Wendy Lee Rounds is also the sole owner of Round the Clock [RtC] Entertainment, a Pennsylvania LLC that plans, produces, and promotes combat sports, night life events and charity fundraisers.  Prior to Covid, RtC was also heavily involved in the producing and promoting of indie wrestling, working with promotions such as International Wrestling Cartel [IWC], among others.